Catalog UI

for the ATS WebServices Suite


Current (v.1.3.0)

Beta (v.1.4.0)

Version Notes

Released: 5/18/2023

  • Product code, make it searchable, but also shows up on details modal and not card
  • Initial, Checkbox, or Search results count at top of page
  • Update search to be based off the search bar and the filtering check boxes
  • Sort by newest to oldest and reverse
  • Ability to toggle view to list mode

Released: Sep. 28, 2022

  • Feature: Searching and filtering now includes the author/instructor field.

Released: Apr. 1, 2022

  • Feature: Added checkbox sub-items to the left filter area. Allows associations to create more detail sub-categories on categories.
  • Enhancement: Improved load times and UI performance. Various interface improvements around filtering and searching.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where the active state for the filters wasn't always working.

Released: Oct. 19, 2021

  • Feature: Added CREDIT field to the front card view. CSS Class is marked as "display: none" by default.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where a category filter wasn't working properly if there was a space in the name. Updated to use the slug.

Released: Oct. 15, 2021

  • Bug: Fixed a UI bug where Product Codes containing "/" characters cause a card to not render
  • Bug: For both the "Detail" and "Add to Cart" buttons, if the link or text is blank, then the buttons will not display

Released: Aug. 4, 2021

  • Feature: Improvements in the left filter menu logic. Uses an "OR" statement within a category. Uses an "AND" statement between categories.
  • Feature: Added a "FilterExpand" parameter to the left filter menu. To prevent a massive filter category group, this will limit the visible number by default, and allow the user to expand.
  • Bug: Fixed an issue where unclicking attributes on the card wasn't updating the left filter menu.
  • Bug: Fixed a UI bug where clicking the "Show More" or "Show All" buttons was adding additional padding

Released: Jul. 26, 2021

  • Release version of the Catalog UI system.
  • Feature: Deployable JavaScript code to any web page
  • Feature: Integration with the ATS Marketplace
  • Feature: Client-side searching and filtering of iMIS products
  • Feature: Automated caching of iMIS product data in a streamlined REST database
  • Bugs: Fixed all bugs found during beta testing.